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School Chale Trust, registered in Feb 2015,  and Also registered under section 12A and 80G of Income Tax. 

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School Chale Trust is an registered organization with registration under section 80G of Income Tax PAN Number-AAPTS1436F

About Us

School Chale means Let's go to school, Indirectly speaking let's learn. School Chale Trust considers education as a fundamental tool to bring the equality and to live a dignified and happy life. And Considering the same, with all of its capabilities and capacities, the trust is promoting the cause of education. School Chale doesn't consider the biases of age, gender, caste or creed while promoting education but the trust has a special focus on the vulnerable children and all of its projects are designed keeping the children in mind. The trust keeps capacity building approach at the core and follows a horizontal hierarchal structure in its management.

The School Chale dream to see the world where everyone has perfected reading-writing-understanding at-least one language which could work as a tool for individual' personal and professional development. Moreover, the trust aims to promote the sustainability, harmony and peace through education. Read More

Pustakmala Community Library is more of a community program then a library. In this program the books aren't stored at a particular location but the they remain with the children and the School Chale Trust felicitate the exchange of books among children once or twice every week. The important point is that each children is given individual attention and motivation to read. Read More

Every year School Chale Trust felicitate the enrollment of street and slum children into MCD, NDMC and Sarvodaya schools. The admission drive is conducted with the help of volunteers and till now the trust is able to felicitate the enrollment of over 150 children. Moreover, parents participation is ensured in the whole process to make them feel responsible for their wards education. Read More

This is a unique school in which students assemble everyday at a particular place and after studying they leave for their work. The school doesn't have any infrastructure and classes are conducted in open. The average age of students in the school is around 17 years and all the learners are shoe shiners. The school focus majorly on teaching Hindi, basic Maths and Life Skills. Read more

  • New Admission season. Need New Volunteers 
  • Volunteer Needed For Reading Club and Seher Road School 
  • School Chale Trust Completed Three Financial Years 
  • Pustakmala Community Library restarted after exam break, 101 books distributed. 100s of more books are in line for distribution. Rotation of books will begin from next week 
  • Quest to admit chidren into Bal Bhawan is under process 

Seher Road School

School Admission Drive

Pustakmala  Books

  • Completed One Successful year of Pustakmala Community Library and celebrated with the distribution of piggy banks to children on the occasion of Eid. July 2017
  • Gratitude for SAP India for adding over 200 books to our library program. Nov 2017 
  • Successfully Completed two years of Seher School. Dedicated the second anniversary to the memories of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. 17th October 2016
  • Seher School is covered by Reuters. 'How Delhi’s shoeshine boys learn to read and write' April 29, 2015Read Article Here 

Pustakmala Community Library

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This publication house is the outcome of the learning of the library and School program. With this publication house we are attempting to provide open source, low cost content for bridge programs and content specifically curated for vulnerable children and slum Children. The publication house is in nascent stage with first set of books to be launched on 17th Octber 2017. Read More

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News : School Chale Trust Completed Three Financial Years