School Chale means Let's go to school, Indirectly speaking let's learn. School Chale Trust considers education as a fundamental tool to bring the equality and to live a dignified and happy life. And Considering the same, with all of its capabilities and capacities, the trust is promoting the cause of education. School Chale doesn't consider the biases of age, gender, caste or creed while promoting education but the trust has a special focus on the vulnerable children and all of its projects are designed keeping the children in mind.


Moreover, while promoting the cause of education, we try to link and strengthen the already existing infrastructure.  Plus, we also work on bringing in small initiatives which could fill in the gaps and make the existing infrastructure more efficient. The usual approach taken by School Chale Trust is capacity building approach. Also, we don't believe in creating the disruption, we believe more in finding a way out to settle without disturbing the equilibrium. For example, for our road school, we tried to identify when the students are most free and willing to learn. Even we made a rule that under no circumstances the classes to disturb their daily routine.  

The another interesting feature of the organization is that School Chale trust follows a horizontal hierarchal structure in its management. And each member of the trust act according to their strength and availability. The only requirement is that whatever the member is putting in should be a well thought and whole hearted. The emphasis always remains on the efficient use of the local and limited resources. Interestingly, the there is no full-time staff managing the organization and most of the work is done based on learning by doing. The best example of the same would be that we our-self registered the trust and successfully obtained the 12A and 80G certificate in October 2015, without any prior experience and professional help. 


The School Chale dream to see the world where everyone has perfected reading-writing-understanding at-least one language which could work as a tool for individual' personal and professional development. Moreover, the trust aims to promote the sustainability, harmony and peace through education.


The trust is running four projects as of now. To know more about them see the submenu listed above.