Before moving onto how one can involve with us, one thing we would love you to know is, we are a team of fun loving people and nothing matters for us more than the smile on the human face. We are daring and are not scared of trying out of the box things. We are too open to suggestion, criticism and believes a lot in equality. It is our promise that if you are involved with us in any sense then you will not forget the association for our entire life. 

The volunteering opportunities are always available with us. While working with us, the volunteers get full freedom and appropriate credit for the work they do and get a lot to learn from our dynamic mentors. There are various things by which one can involve with us: 

  1. You can help us in teaching the kids in our road school
  2. In doing the field survey and the research work
  3. In starting new libraries and reading clubs 
  4. In school admission and in doing the follow up with the school and parents
  5. Write and Illustrate for Pustakmala Books
  6. Be our Ambassador and help us spreading our initiatives to other locations  
  7. You can help us in fundraising
  8. If you think you can associate with us in some other manner then please do write us.