Every year school Chale Trust admit the children into local government schools. The admission process starts in the month of March-April. In this month we spot out of school children and then for next 2-3 months we work on the various aspects like encouraging and counselling parents and children. In the same duration, we complete the formalities related to the admission procedure like preparing affidavits, printing photographs and start engaging children with the books and stationery. 

We follow the capacity building approach and always try to build a capacity among the parents so that they could look after their child' education. We counsel them multiple times and also start engaging with the child. We also help parents in completing the documentation such as Aadhar number and guide them about how to open a bank account. At first, we always try if the parents themselves go and enrol their children in school. However, if some parents aren't motivated to go alone, we make sure that we go with them and always try to engage them in the enrollment process. The centre point of the whole program is that parents play a big role in ensuring a child education. If parents are aware and are actively taking part in the child education then the child learn at a faster pace even if the parents themselves aren’t much educated. Working on the same principle, we try to give parents a belief that they can also take part in their child education even if they are illiterate. We tell them few basic exercises which can impact their child education and doesn’t take much time.  Also, we act according to circumstances and try to make the best possible decision. 

Once the child is admitted then to ensure that children are going to school, we keep meeting kids on a regular basis. The frequency of meetings remains high during the initial days of schooling and is gradually reduced to one or two days a month once that kid gets settled in the school. However, we continuously remain in touch with the school authorities to monitor the child’s attendance. We also provide one-time basic help to the students such as notebooks etc.

We started this project in March 2014. In that year we felicitate the enrollment of over 20 street children into local NDMC school. Till 2017, including the current session of enrolling children, we have felicitated the enrollment of above 150 vulnerable children into schools.